10 Leading Mobile App Development Ideas That Can be Lucrative For Startups

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Scope of an application startup

Any startup on mobile application development is undoubtedly a great idea.

But it has to bear some novelty so that it may be considered to be innovative. Now, what needs to be seen is what all the app can offer and whether the app is needful.

Whether it will hit the market successfully or not are some of the questions that come to the mind of every entrepreneur.

But coming up with any of the best app ideas is not as convenient as it seems to be. It is the most decisive and critical part of the process that you need to overcome.

Importance in the contemporary business environment

In today's time, the success of a startup is entirely dependent on the oneness of your idea.

An ingenious app is one that provides solutions to people as per their needs. If it can cater to their requirements, then only it has a prospective chance of gaining success. It isn't at all tedious to download an app from an app store.

Always remember that users will opt for an app that will help them to save time, cut down on costs and streamline their daily operations.

Though it may seem to be an easy thing to do, however, it has been a major challenge for most startups to meet the parameters mentioned above.

That is the primary reason why we are going to throw light on ten innovative app ideas to help you come up with a prosperous startup.

1. Cab-booking App

Most individuals do not have their own means of transport. They do not possess the luxury of driving around, especially when they travel outside. People have to depend heavily on public transport to go from one place to another.

But many of us had bitter past experiences with public transport.

If you aren't a localite, then it may be tedious for you to move from one point to another. At times you may even have to resort to walking on foot if public transport is your only means of travel.

Because a growing number of commuters and travellers all across the globe are increasing every day, it is sensible for people to avail some alternate means of transport to travel in a hassle-free manner, especially in foreign locales.

The urge for a prompt and reliable transport service has given rise to the success of app cabs like Uber.

One cannot deny the fact that Uber is a new global phenomenon and it is on the verge of dethroning the traditional yellow taxi cabs that we have grown up with and are accustomed to.

Remember, if you are pursuing car-hailing apps devoid of interruptions even when you are travelling outside, you need to be assured that you're provided with the best network coverage no matter wherever you go.

By the help of Data Sim Card or WifiHotspot, you will be able to book a ride.

The reason why Uber, Ola etc.have become so incredibly favoured is that they have been integrated with mobile phone apps. These cab booking apps have given the common man the choice of travelling in a more ductile manner.

As long as you own a mobile device in the form of a smartphone or an iPhone with an internet connection, you will face no obstacles in securing a ride for the entire day if you want. Last but not the least you need not have to bother about the puzzling maps which are at times incomprehensible for the layman to correctly conclude about the right transport or route.

Apps like Uber, Ola, Lyft, and Taxify have revolutionized commuting. One can now book a cab with ease from his/her phone which has helped to save precious time and money.

Though big companies do enjoy the lion's share of the market, developing a cab-hailing app can still be a profitable app business venture.

If required you may include more features that involve passenger safety for making your app more marketable.

2. Shopping App

The fundamental requirements of every individual in the world has to be fulfilled under all circumstances.

These requirements include basic needs for survival like food, shelter and clothes. If we own all these three, we can persevere in this world.

But it's not only about survival, but we also need to stay in this world with different people. To live, our needs proliferate to a certain level.

This proliferation level of our needs may vary from one person to another.

Our level of needs shoots up drastically with our earnings. Accordingly, the people who sell the products to fulfil our needs, use different tools for selling. They differ between a low level to a high level of selling depending upon the quality of products to be sold out.

Certain products are sold in small shops, some on roads while the rest are sold out from the shopping malls.

At times the same product is sold on different levels at the same price, but buyers prefer big shopping malls over street hawkers or small retailers.

These shopping malls have majorly become more contemporary in today's world and have evolved the process of online shopping. This online shopping trend has a great future ahead as E-Commerce is expected to rule the roost.

Online shopping involves a few steps.

The prospective shopper does thorough web research about the product he desires and comes across the product listed on the sites of different markets or stores. He or she can also check the specifications of the products and other features like it's quality and value.

If the product is likeable, it can be added to the cart and another product can be looked for if there is any further requirement. The customer has the facility to pay online using different tools as listed on the website or can pay by cash on delivery. The product(s) can be delivered to the purchaser's given address by a delivery person who is mostly an employee of the E-Commerce company.

Hardly we come across individuals who don't enjoy shopping. That is the reason why shopping apps like Amazon and eBay are making millions of profits on a daily basis. You may take into consideration several app ideas for your startup such as deals and discount app that notifies the prospective customers about some forthcoming lucrative deals that they may be interested in. There can be a wide range of deals on clothing, food, home equipment etc.

A composite shopping app is one that enables shoppers to buy items in bulk. Buying a bulk amount is considered to be cost-effective as it is expected to be accompanied with free delivery from some establishments. As a result, such a startup has the possibility of being successful in the near future.

3. Social Networking App

We are in an age of contacts for communication between people through social platforms on the web. The extreme acceptance of availing social media networking could never have been realized before. Rather, social media is now an indispensable marketing tool in a true sense of customer orientation.

The purview of social networking is broadening, and today it provides a strong foundation to the companies in offering the much-required touch of concern. Future of social media networking promises to be exciting as expected from the experience of a few users from limited companies in the top bracket.

This marks the start of interweaving social media networking as a promising business process bringing two individuals at one platform than merely two organizational entities. People may spread their message to the suppliers or customers and also communicate any difference in opinions over the social network.

The traders have started taking a keen interest in the phenomenal prospects of reaching and serving the consumers in this emerging domain of marketing.

Business organizations require their online presence to rise on popularity charts, enhance credibility and increase their market presence.

Creating a social connect apps for any startup is a welcome idea for allowing the business houses to manage their social media platforms from a single and centralized location. This planning can be especially important for organizations that depend excessively on customer engagement.

You can communicate with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram networks at one go.

4. Cooking Assistant App

Have you ever found yourself glued to your television set mesmerized by all the dishes you see on the cookery shows?

The effort with refurbishing meals is that sometimes we look for a visual guide in the kitchen. Most cooking assistant apps realize the fact that everyone's not a seasoned chef – no pun intended – and its sole objective is to get you off the couch.

Planning meals is one of the avant-garde ways to venture into a startup business and stay on top of your weight loss goals.

In a world aimed at to-do lists and productivity, to figure out the time and energy for planning healthy meals meant to suit your tastes and nutritional needs can be an uphill task.

Favourably, a plethora of apps can make meal planning – and maybe weight loss – a lot more achievable task.

Gone are the days when curiosity for recipes was sought from a cooking manual while you note down the grocery list on a sheet of paper!

Cooking is a very interesting hobby for many people around the globe. These culinary lovers always believe in exploring with different recipes and ingredients.

Creating an app that instructs to guide cooking enthusiasts on different recipes can, therefore, be an edifying venture. However, prior to the creation of your cooking app, you may draw inspiration from successful apps like Food.corn and BigOven.

These apps offer user-friendly and tailor-made meal plans that you can customize for your traxafen diet pills and exclude specific foods you disdain. After you enter your choices, you're provided with a wide range of recipe choices, complemented with relevant colour photos, comprehensible specifications and an organized grocery list.

The additional advantage is that most of the recipes take very less time to be prepared.

5. Dropshipping App

For any individual who has put his/her baby steps in the online business world and looking for a break into the eCommerce scene, the dropshipping process may seem to be a jargon as it can be difficult to figure a trustworthy source that informs you about everything you have to know.

It includes everything from what the term means essentially. How this particular business model functions and if it's really for you, then how to source the apt product and supplier to run a successful, flourishing eCommerce dropshipping business.

A dropshipping trade is like an ideal sales model where sellers accept orders through websites and other appurtenant sales channels. But neither do they carry inventory nor do they ship products on their own.

On the contrary, drop-ship sellers engage suppliers who ship products directly to customers on their behalf.

As a result drop, shippers do not have to bear the cost of any upfront or ongoing inventory, storage, or warehouse staffing costs.

The entire procedure of planning and launching a dropshipping eCommerce business is like initiating any other kind of sales enterprise.

You must possess a bankable concept, a source for goods, sales channels and most importantly marketing plan and strategies. Unlike other startups, you do not need a lot of cash to invest in stock, infrastructure and employees.

Sound like the right business plan for you?

In easy terms, this is the way how dropshipping works:

The buyer will place an order for a product on the retailer's online store.

The retailer will then automatically or manually forward the order and buyer's details to the dropship supplier.

The dropship supplier will do the necessary packaging and directly ship the order to the buyer in the name of the retailer.

6. Grocery App

Normally we all go shopping for groceries quite frequently. It is quite likely that you may easily forget some of the products you may want to procure.

Initiating a grocery app is a great app idea to make the shopping experience smooth.

With the widening of India's landscape and travelling costs, online grocery delivery has a long path to travel. By a few clicks on your smartphone, you can receive your preferred groceries at your doorstep within a few hours or within a single day.

You need not have to worry about the avoidable time-consuming trips to the supermarket. What all you need is a grocery android app to seek all your grocery orders from the comfort zone of your premises.

In actuality, you can finish your grocery orders with utmost convenience.

You can feel the level of ease. Online grocery shopping in our country is now occupying a huge share of the market.

Remember, each and every order is treated specially and carefully delivered to buyers by trained delivery personnel whose primary objective happens to be customer satisfaction. By online grocery delivery, you can be least bothered about quality.

Apart from state of the art quality, the hospitality factor also plays an important role. The shopping apps offer the customers telephones and emails, which they use to provide their valuable feedback or comment on the services.

There are countless reasons for the sharp rise and use of grocery delivery apps in India.

Consumers have gradually embraced the apps because of the reasons mentioned below:

No Need to Queue up at Check-out Counters

Probably the most displeasing act associated with almost all in-store grocery shopping in India is queuing up at counters, after many buyers.

After customers consume the major time moving around the store while picking up goods, they are subjected to check-out counters to pay for the merchandise.

With grocery delivery app payment for goods made easier, one can use plastic money and various online wallet services such as BHIM, PAYTM, Apple pay and Google Wallet for making payments.

Therefore, within a few minutes payment is done and goods are due for delivery.

More Categorized Virtual Shelves and Search

In grocery delivery apps, commodities are displayed in categories. These categories function as virtual selves for the browsers.

They can conveniently search for their desired products by the help of classifications.

Most importantly, the search options of the apps do make it effortless for customers to search what they need. Hence, customers need not have to consume a lot of time looking for particular products as they do in the store.

Visit the Grocery outlet

Generally, Indians visit grocery stores mostly during evenings or weekends. These trips consume their entire evenings or most of the weekends. On the contrary, apps allow them to complete their grocery shopping at any point of time and can arrange delivery at their doorstep at the time of their preference.

Apps save both money and time. The consumers can utilize their free time for other activities such as leisure and make use of the saved transportation cost on other things.

Reduces Impulse Buying

Grocery stores often offer various discounts that can easily lure customers to buy goods.

So-called lucrative offers and discounts are displayed as soon as one steps inside the stores.

Products that have wider business margin are displayed at eye level while low-cost items are concealed by burying deep down isles. With the grocery apps, it's easy to ignore all practical things one experiences during buying.

You spend your hard-earned money only on what you want.

Delivery Charges are Quite Economical

Almost all delivery services charge very high delivery fees even for small orders. Contrarily, the system is tailor-made for getting more groceries at a lower price.

In comparison to the conveyance cost for visiting the store, the system is more elementary and cost-effective.

Online Specials can be Available

By online shopping methods, you can avail great deals with online stores. The positive thing about it is that instead of travelling all the way to town to check items at various grocery stores, it only takes a single click from your mobile device to take ultimate advantage of the best available online deals.

The app allows shoppers to add their selected products to their cart. You may then fix a date when you just step into the market and pick up your products. As already there are diverse grocery apps in the market as competitors, you need to frame some unique selling propositions for your app.

What might be beneficial for the grocery app users are- comparison of costs between different stores, cash back on purchases, no cancellation fees and no minimum order.

7. Travel App

Travelling can never be an obsolete practice.

That is why developing a travel app can be a great idea to boost up your startup. Your app must guide your users about the famous destinations they may visit. It may also provide important suggestions about the authentic restaurants and finest hotels as well as thrilling and fun activities to do in that location.

Moreover, the app should also contain a cost travel tracker to enable travellers to calculate the approximate travel expenses for their ideal destination. Some of the famous travel apps include AirHelp, Skyscanner, LoungeBuddy, and Hostelworld.

8. Language Learning App

How about learning a new language? For most of us, it becomes more interesting when we use an app for the same. One of the most innovative app ideas is to initiate an app that trains users on how to use specific words of the language they are learning.

The app should also assist in clear pronunciation of words. Getting the correct accent is very important especially if it is a non-syllabic language like English.

Apart from that, it should also advise about the commonly used words and phrases in that language and their meaning.

Thus learning a new language becomes exciting and effortless. Some of the best examples of leading apps to learn new languages are Busuu and Memrise.

9. Virtual Interior Designer App

Carrying proper home decorations can be amazing.

You might not be aware of what items could be used for your interior decorations as well as the proper places to purchase these items from.

Technology has made home decorations a very simple process to avail.

You may create a virtual interior designer app that enables users to upload different pictures of their home interior and then beautify it by using different designing options available from the app.

These include wall stickers, paints, carpets, colours, and curtains. Most importantly, the app will also provide insights into the ideal places to purchase every item. Then you can utilize them for your interior designing process.

10. Health Fitness App

In today's world, more and more people are becoming conscious about their health.

The constraints, however, lie in maintaining a regular healthy routine. You can influence this to promote an app that help can help fitness freaks to track their daily routine.

The app can suggest ideal practices for users to pursue staying fit and healthy. This may include practice sessions for staying strong, counsel on better lifestyle and food intake timings.


The above 10 ingenious mobile app ideas should help to boost up your startups. After you choose the idea that is suitable for you, it's time to pick an experienced team of app developers who all have the expertise to create the best mobile app for making your startup successful.

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