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and then this incident happened and the direction changed John Cusack was attached to play Billy Milligan and Cameron and Todd Graff wrote the screenplay.[9][10] However, Cameron finally left the project by unknown reasons. As of December 2006, wholesale nba jerseys veteran film director Joel Schumacher was attached to direct the film. The projected release date was supposed to be in 2008, but any film based in the book wasn’t released and Keyes passed away in 2014.[9]During the 1990s, Cameron said many times that he was interested in directing a third Terminator film.[11] After the defunct of Carolco Pictures in 1997, wholesale nba jerseys the developer of Terminator cheap nba jerseys 2: Judgment Day, Cameron and 20th Century Fox were in talks about the production of a possible third Terminator film.[12] However, wholesale mlb jerseys at the end, Cameron left the production of the third film to direct Titanic.