5 Essential Benefits Of A URL Shortener

by in Business on October 24, 2021

The time period “URL” is an abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator — additionally known as a link or web address. A URL shortener is a software that takes a full-length web link and compresses this web address into a shorter URL.

Link shorteners aren’t new; they’ve been widely used for a lot of years. These instruments gained widespreadity amongst Twitter users when the social network limited tweets to just 140 characters. Twitter’s character rely and link policies have since changed. Customers can now tweet as much as 280 characters, and links are always counted as 23 characters. However, compressing URLs stays a finest observe for content material distribution throughout social networks and different channels.

Distributing your content material on social media and different channels can help you drive traffic to your website. Each WordPress website owners and audience members can benefit from utilizing link shorteners earlier than sharing content on social media networks. These benefits embrace the following:

1. Convenience

It’s much easier to share a shorter link than an extended, difficult one. This especially matters in situations the place your audience can’t physically click your link or the place you’re promoting your website one-to-one. In the event you’re giving a PowerPoint presentation or sharing a link directly with a prospective buyer, a URL shortener can assist you create a brief, memorable link that can be typed directly right into a smartphone or web browser.

2. Insights

Probably the most important benefits of a URL shortener is the ability to track clicks on every link you share. Depending on the service you’re using to compress web links, you may see a breakdown of visitors by demographics, resembling country or gender. You can also inform which of your social channels or posts are driving the most clicks.

3. Elevated sharing

A shortened link is simpler to your readers to click, copy, and share of their own publish, which can help your content material gain natural exposure on social networks.

4. Stronger engagement

Your viewers is more likely to interact with a shortened URL, especially if it’s recognizably associated with your brand. Shortened URLs can increase engagement by 39%, in keeping with Rebrandly.

5. Professionalism

Likelihood is, your viewers is used to seeing content material shared in the form of shortened links. Actually, this apply is so widespread that they may discover when you share a URL that hasn’t been compressed. Lengthy-kind URLs can appear sloppy or untidy to audience members who’re used to cleaner, shortened links.

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