9 Straightforward Ways You possibly can Flip Kt Tape Into Success

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The details of the publication bias assessments are shown in the Additional file 1: Figures S3-S19. The details of the planned sensitivity analyses are shown in in the Additional file 1: Figures S20-S22. The meta-analysis results are shown in in the Additional file 1: Figure S1. The end results are believed to be reduced muscle fatigue, increase in range of motion, and better quality of muscle contraction. To summarise, except for the meta-analysis for muscle strength in populations with muscle fatigue, the intervention comparisons of the other meta-analyses could be regarded as comparing KT versus minimal intervention. The SMDs Kinesiology Taping for Pregnancy both short- and long-term KT use versus minimal intervention were not significant in populations without disabilities. The pooled SMD between short-term KT use and a minimal intervention in subjects without disabilities was not significant (in Additional file 1: Figure S2). The detailed selection process is shown in Fig. 1. Details of the included studies are summarised in in the Additional file 2: Tables S1-S4. This result should be interpreted with caution as only 2 studies were included. The result should be interpreted with caution.

Although the result favoured KT, the ES was trivial. 0%), and the outcome matched the result of short-term effects. Second, this study only confirmed the immediate effect of KT on pain and gait function; thus, determining the long-term effect is not possible for pain and gait function and sustained effects on changes or benefits such as swelling, joint movement, and muscle activation. Similarly, there was only 1 study reporting the long-term effects. It is possible that the effects of KT on muscle strength were attenuated by simultaneous activation of both the agonist and antagonist muscles. Only one study was identified for each of the meta-analyses for hop test results in individuals with muscle fatigue and post-operative orthopaedic conditions. A post hoc sensitivity analysis was conducted by excluding the study that used an “add-on” design with active treatment as the control. The studies using an “add-on” design with minimal intervention as the control did not require a sensitivity analysis because the intervention comparison in these studies is theoretically similar to that of studies using only a minimal intervention as the control.

No doubt, this is a safe and natural way to help treat muscle injuries, but there are so many situations when using KT tape is not appropriate. Creating specific directions of shear via elastic tape can change movement patterns in this same way. A groin strain can happen in sports, or other activities, where sudden movement or change of direction happens. The kinesio tape must be elastic, latex-free, and should be made of cotton to ensure free movement and quick recovery of the affected body parts. 97% cotton and 3% nylon. Eccentric contractions into different subgroups (in Additional file 1: Figure S25). In addition, a post hoc subgroup analysis was conducted by separating studies that measured concentric, isometric, and eccentric contractions into different subgroups (in Additional file 1: Figure S24). Of the types of muscle contractions measured in the included studies, 29% of the included studies (9/31) measured only concentric strength, 52% (16/31) only measured isometric strength, 3% only (1/31) measured eccentric strength, and 16% (5/31) measured both concentric and eccentric strength. Therefore, a post hoc subgroup analysis was conducted by dividing the studies into two subgroups: 1) studies in which KT was only applied to the agonist muscle and 2) studies in which KT was applied to an antagonistic muscle pair.

There are two main types of athletic tape that exists. Not all are sold on the science behind KT Tape. The science behind advanced compression technology is well known. You’d need to apply a lot of tape to do the same amount of work compression socks or sleeves do. The question is does it work, and how does it work? Q: Do kinesiology tapes work? It is the world’s first 100% synthetic kinesiology tape, re-engineered with stronger adhesive, to outlast anything you can throw at it. Kinesiology tape for knee support knee pain can be caused by any number of issues. I explain and demonstrate how to use kt tape to support and stabilize your ankle. We have also found the use of intermittent compression, such as a compression floss band, to be effective at reducing inflammation directly before sleep. A pair of Compression Socks will cost you just about the same, but you will generally get a year of usage or more.