Great fit and good quality for low price

by in wholesale nfl jersey on December 12, 2021

I would like to say that this hoodie was the most comfortable and warmest hoodie I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately, that mysterious and alluring creature known as My Girlfriend (We’ll call her MG for short) has once again used her powers of charm and grace to acquire into her collection yet another item of clothing which belonged to me for at least five minutes. Judging from the chirping and purring sounds MG tends to make when curled up in my hoodie (think the sound of a cat when it’s laying on your nice warm laptop keyboard, preventing you from getting your work done) I’m going to have to guess that the hoodie is every bit as warm and comfortable as I can at this point only imagine it to be. That being said (And because MG has an exceptionally strong ability to snatch only the best quality clothes from my closet to add to her hoard) I can without conviction recommend this particular item if you’re looking for a comfortable and warm hoodie for your significant other to never let you wear.
For whatever reason I had a difficult time finding a hoodie that is actually meant to keep you warm (especially in the women’s clothing here). This one does actually help keep me warm in our currently freezing cold NY winter, especially with a layer or two underneath. The inside is nice and soft. At this price I bought two for myself (antique sapphire, dark heather grey) and one for my boyfriend (black). I ordered a size up for my boyfriend to and it also fits him well. The fit actually manages to be figure flattering on both of us, which I didn’t think was even possible for a hoodie. I don’t see any inconsistencies in sizing or quality between colors. There are plenty of lower quality options for twice as much money. This is a really great deal.
I overheat rather easily, I rarely wear a jacket or anything similar but occasionally I need something a little warmer than a t-shirt. My old hoodie finally wore out so I bought this hoping it wouldn’t be too heavy. It’s a little too warm for me sometimes so I would be inclined to call it a medium weight hoodie but I think most folks who get cold like normal people, it may be a little on the lighter side. To be fair, I live in California’s central valley so we don’t get as cold as some places in the winter. This hoodie is perfect for the weather I live in. If you live in North Dakota or youth soccer shirts something, you might find this to be a little too thin.

I’m a short fat guy. It can be hard to find goodies that fit. This one fits better than most on me but as usual, the arms a little longer than I’d like. But that is due to my stature and not the hoodie.

Overall I really love this hoodie. It’s soft inside, it fits well, the color is bright and crisp. I will probably buy another when this one wears out.