Great NFL Shirts, Great Price

by in cheap nhl jersey on December 17, 2021

I purchase NFL T-Shirts for everything but especially to work out in. Since it has a high cotton content, it does not do a good job of wicking away moisture, so I don’t normally wear it to work out, with some exceptions. However, I do like the warmth, fit and comfort – so 5 stars. It runs a bit long which is good for me since I am long waisted. For a short waisted person, that might be a problem. I do like the shirt and I am purchasing a second one just as soon as I hit “Submit” on this review.

These are my son’s favorite Footbal youth football shirts. When he outgrew the boys sizes I was relieved to find the men’s. My son is a no frills dresser and he has these in mulitple colors – basically one for every day of the week. They are well made and have held up in the wash. I line dry everything then fluff and soften on air in the dryer, so I cannot speak to shrinkage. We’ll probably keep buying these so hopefully keeps them in stock.

I was interested in wearing and never paid much attention to. Fast forward to 2021 and I just need some new gym shirts, and the price is right on a nfl shirt. So I grab one, it shows up 2 days later and I try it on thinking about how it may have to go back. Much to my surprise, it fits perfectly. Like better than most of my nicer costlier clothes. The material is a little stiff and rough but nothing that won’t wash after a few workouts. Well done

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