Great Slim Cut Training Pants. I am 5’10” Fit, and Medium Fits Fine

by in wholesale soccer jersey on December 16, 2021

I used AD training/jogging/sweatpants for cheap Sunderland jerseys many years. I think I owned 5 before this. All those are classic fit.
This is the first one that is slim fit. As I said in the headline, I am 5’10”, around 165 lbs/fit, medium fits fine,
but the length is just a bit long.

Now, it says this are basically soccer pants, but I dont play soccer and use them in the gym or running,
and they work great. Typical polyester type with zipper on the pockets – main reason I chose this compared
to other models, which do not have them. With the age of cellphones, I think most should have zippers,
which sadly doesnt. Another reason I got this is cuz of the classic 3 stripes going from top to bottom, which I like.

I got the white cuz most I have are black. Easily gets dirty but still looks great.
The only downside is these are a little pricier. Also, I haven’t tried to wash them yet so I don’t know how they will hold up.

They are on the thinner side so this will be a nice gym pant to wear in the summer but it is not providing
much warmth in the cold.

Very happy to wear these and I feel cool with them on