How to Know If Your Golden Tiger is Ready to Be HandledA golden tiger, also known as a strawberry toned tiger or black tiger, is usually a solid colored tiger with a color variation caused by an inferior gene. Like black and white tigers, it’s actually a distinct color type and not a subspecies of any other tiger. While both varieties look similar to each other in the West, they are different when it comes to their origins. One has to ask if it’s a good thing. Let’s find out.

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The West Bengal Tiger, which was introduced into the wild in the early 1970s, came from a population that was severely threatened by poaching in the region. It was considered a Threatened Life Species by the World Wildlife Fund and was labeled an endangered or critically endangered animal. The U.S. government had been assisting in conservation efforts in India for many years and the whole idea of taming this majestic cat was something that the Indian authorities were quite eager to do. They succeeded in bringing about the bottling of the Bengal Tiger and the subsequent dispersal across the country.

Within a few years, however, the Bengal Tigers had all but disappeared from the face of the Earth and were no longer considered a threat to anyone. That changed in the late nineties when conservation work began again in the area. Though there was some natural growth in certain portions, most of the wild population was becoming extinct. In response, the US government began offering funds to help with breeding efforts. Over the past decade or so, there have been a number of attempts to bring about genetic improvement in Bengal Tigers.

Some have been successful, but most have failed. This is due to a variety of reasons. Some are related to the simple fact that gene frequencies do vary between different populations, sometimes wildly. This means that a relatively small difference in gene structure can have dramatic effects on how well a trait is expressed in a population. There’s also the matter of when a female Bengal Tiger gives birth.

Like most female tigers it will have several babies. Sometimes those babies don’t survive. Such problems can be corrected by adding additional litter-s. The key to making a golden one a thriving pet is in its breeding. It’s important to note that Bengal Tigers have been tamed and used for all sorts of purposes. Some have been trained for hunting. Others have been trained for protection, as guard animals. Still others have been trained as herders – that is, they watch over her younger siblings.

If you have an interest in a Golden Tiger for a pet, you may want to consider putting together a team consisting of three or four individuals who are devoted to working toward the same goal. You should also think about whether you would prefer a female or male tamed Tiger. Females tend to be easier to handle. Male tames are almost twice as large as females and therefore larger creatures. If you’re interested in a Golden Tiger and plan on breeding one, you should do your research.

You may even want to enroll in a program that helps train individuals. It’s not hard work, but it can take a certain amount of commitment. And you have to be committed. Don’t let fear of failure hold you back from a great reward. When you get a new pet, it’s very likely that you will experience a range of behaviors from it before it settles into its new surroundings. As it does so, it will need to be tamed. There are a number of different methods of taming.

A captive bred Golden will be considerably less likely to be fearful than a wild one, but it will take time.

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