Nike Versus Adidas, Battle of The Brands

by in BusinessCustomer Service on December 15, 2021

There is little doubt that Nike and Adidas are some of the top brands in the world when it comes to sportswear and streetwear.
Equally, it is fair to say that the two companies don't get on with endless lawsuits and the poaching of the other's endorsements. Nike has held the upper-hand for several years now but Adidas are fighting their way back and eating into Nike's domination and it is indeed in the fashion world that they are making to most headways against their staunch rival.

So, when did Nike take the lead?

8 years ago

2001 – 2005

In the early noughties, there wasn't much to choose between the two giants in the sportswear and streetwear market. The Y-3 range belonging to Adidas was hugely popular and the sports label had just signed up David Beckham, convincing him to sign for the company for life.

Nike weren't holding back themselves but they were looking to make their presence felt through the high profile purchases of Hurley, Converse and Starter for in the region of $450 million.

Behind the scenes, in both companies, cryptosporidium parvum foods there were changes too with Herbert Hainer taking over as Adidas' CEO in 2001 and Nike's Phil Knight stepping down as CEO in 2004.

2006 – 2010

The purchase of other brands, one's closely associated with streetwear, by Nike was starting to make a huge impression of Nike's financial success. In 2010,;u=5262 Nike's revenue tipped $19 billion with Nike president and CEO Mark Parker saying, “We finished strong with a great quarter and accelerating momentum across the business. Nike is at its best when we focus on our two core values – innovation and inspiration.”

Nike was clearly starting to recognise the importance of branching into other areas away from those directly associated with sport and into more of the fashion market.

In contrast, Adidas finished the decade poorly dropping further financially behind Nike.

2011 – 2015

Nike continued to perform well during this period but Adidas had begun their fightback making some major signings – many associated more with music and fashion rather than sport such as Kanye West, NIGO and Pharrell Williams.
Although the progress was slow there was certainly evidence that Adidas appreciated that they needed to change in order to regain some of their market share.

3 weeks ago

Matt Powell, a footwear expert for industry analysis group NPD said at the time, “Adidas has made a lot of right moves and, if patient, can gain back some of its lost share, but no one is a threat to Nike right now.”

2016 – Present

It would be impossible to argue that Nike aren't the major players but Adidas has managed to regain a great deal of their popularity.

Indeed, in the streetwear market Adidas are arguably ahead of Nike and with streetwear styles going from strength to strength, this can only be good for the German company. Streetwear won't be going anywhere soon so it perhaps seems reasonable to expect that Nike will look to pursue this market further.
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