Prioritizing Your Marching Band To Get The Most Out Of Your Business

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Sad in many ways that in England we are not even 10% as patriotic as Americans. There are two ways you can help. Meaning, there are no official chaperones or school employees that are in charge of your students. 1) Students can sign-up for a shift. You can sign up right away using enrollment code C436CCB458883 (to get to the Band Account). MARCHING BAND CAMP SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS DUE THIS THURSDAY, APRIL 4TH! Here is the official 2015 Trojan Pride Marching Band Schedule: JUNE: Parade Practice Thursday, June 25th – 10:00AM -12:00 Noon Friday, June 26th – 10:00AM -12:00 Noon Saturday, June 27th – 9:00AM-1:00 PM ( 4th of July Parade and Park Performance) ( Attire for the parade will be khakis and band polos) Polos for our new members will be distributed at the June 25th practice! Pre-Band camp will be Thursday, August 11 for Squad Leaders and Drum Corps Videos Majors and Friday, August 12 for everyone new to Marching Band. Marching band performances usually occur either on a street in a parade or on a football field. Students will be bussed to the parade and back to the high school – allow some time for your student to turn in their marching band uniform after the parade.

Marching band uniform fittings: May 20 and 23 immediately following rehearsal. Parking passes will be available at uniform turn-in or you can print by clicking on the link below. The most viewed entry posted during November and the second most read overall was “Doctor Carson and his Amazing Technicolor Labcoat” from November 6, 2015. Like the previous two entries in the countdown, it landed on the top ten through outside assistance from Infidel753, who first shared the link on his personal blog and again over at Crooks and Liars. Please sign up if you can donate and/or volunteer at the picnic by clicking on the link below! I also need to know the exact number so that I can properly write the drill for the rest of the season. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need. If you are so inclined you can download the Points form from Charms and start filling it out. Help needed March 13, during the entire school day, or whatever hour you can come to help. Applications are available in the band room and in the March 6th blog post below. You could easily pay your entire Band Camp bill just by spending the money you have to spend anyway- for whatever you need wherever you normally shop.

PAY FOR BAND CAMP AND OTHER BAND EXPENSES BY SHOPPING! All new marching band Drum Corps Videos members (regardless of grade level) are STRONGLY ADVISED to attend. Today’s Frost Band of the Hour is the live soundtrack at Miami Hurricanes events, supporting the university with the highest level of showmanship, integrity and innovation – a collegiate athletic band Drum Corps Videos for the new millennium. First, Carolyn Shapiro of the University of Vermont describes The Social Contagion of Fear: Clark Analyzes Ebola Discussions on Twitter. In my opinion, they enjoyed “socializing” more than boys (we preferred horseplay) plus their DNA decrees that they love dancing. We love to see families from the marching band program at the picnic, so please join us! Band Camp is AWESOME! A minimum $50 deposit is due by April 24th to sign up for marching band and band camp (August 11th to 15th). All band camp forms can be found in the band room and March 6th blog post. We hope you can join us for the final band performance of the school year as our marching band performs in the Memorial Day parade in Howell.

Students can either earn money for the Charms account or get credit for community service for National Honor Society if that is what they need. All the stall holders are in medieval dress which is usually brown and beige woolen clothing often with a hooded cloak and a rope like belt, the recreation society members are all in military attire from the middles ages, chainmail and skirts with swords or spears, they tend to congregate around a wooden fire sitting on crudely made wooden chairs and talking and laughing in a way reminiscent of what it must have been like many centuries ago for the local lords retainers to be overseeing a market of the day. The latter did not have the stern look of the other two. We look forward to seeing all of you in August! Once you learn how the ordering system works, this is the easiest money you will ever earn for band expenses. HHS Band Scrip uses the Great Lakes Scrip Center for ordering cards. High Performance Gear for Your Band and Guard to Achieve. Camp begins with pre-camp dates at Howell High School, followed by 5 days/ 4 nights together at Eagle Village. As high school is owned by a day camp at the students other high school band camps just meet.