Pro-Trump 'Apprentice' stars hammer 'famewhore' anti-Trump contestants

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A group of former contestants on ‘s hit show ‘The Apprentice’ are firing back against their fellow reality TV stars who denounced the Republican front-runner on Friday as a divisive racist. 

‘The people who complained are black!’ Season 5 contestant Lenny Veltman told, noting the race of the three anti-Trump contestants who blasted Trump in a press conference on Friday.

‘If he’s so racist, how did they get on the show?’

‘Holy s**t! Those guys are opportunists. Plus they’ve never been Republicans to begin with,’ he said, suggesting their opposition to Trump is the product of mere partisanship. 

‘I’m laughing at it,’ Veltman said.

‘Because you know, those guys are looking for an opportunity to get another 5 minutes on TV. They’re a bunch of losers.’

‘They’re all in the Democratic Party. And he’s racist? How come he has so many people of different races on the show?
He never discriminated against anyone. He never fired anyone because they were black or Chinese or Russian, or anything.’

MAKE ‘APPRENTICE’ GREAT AGAIN’: Former reality show star Kristen Kirchner told that Donald Trump’s African-American detractors who were on the show with her are ‘famewhores’

IN HAPPIER TIMES: Kirchner (back row, 3rd right) appeared in Season 3 with anti-Trump activist Tara Dowdell (front row, second right) and Trump campaign supporter Erin Elmore (front row, center)

YUUUGE FANS: Lenny Veltman (left, with Trump) and Audrey Evans (right) are among a group of former ‘Apprentices’ who are backing The Donald

QUESTIONS OF RACE: Randal Pinkett (right), Tara Dowdell and Kwame Jackson (left), all former Apprentice contestants, speak at a news conference against Donald Trump on Friday

Season 3 contestant Kristen Kirchner was even more blunt about Randall Pinkett, Kwame Jackson, Tara Dowdell and Marshawn Evans Daniels, the group that railed against Trump on Friday..

‘They’re definitely press whores and famewhores as far as I’m concerned,’ she told

‘He sometimes makes remarks that he can’t take back, but he is not racist in any way, shape or form,’ she said.


Kirchner recalled that Trump had hosted actress Jennifer Hudson and her family members at Trump Tower in 2008 after her brother-in-law shot her mother, brother and nephew dead in Chicago

‘If Trump were a racist, why would he reach out to help her when no one else would?’ she asked.

Kirchner said she helped organize a calendar shoot to benefit Jackets for Jobs, a Chicago charity that helps mostly poor African-American women dress for success to win jobs in the business sector that usually go to candidates with more built-in life advantages.

‘Trump wrote a $5,000 check,’ she recalled.

‘This project is run by an African-American woman, and helps African-American women.’

‘This pisses me off,’ she said of Friday’s press conference. ‘I don’t see where racism comes in except for this group of famewhores wanting another 15 minutes in the spotlight.’

Another Season 3 contestant, Erin Elmore, said her impression of Trump was that of an even-handed and race-blind businessman for whom bottom-line results were more important than anything else.

‘While on the show, I had a great deal of interaction with Mr.

Trump,’ she said in an email. 

‘Not once did I hear him say a disparaging remark about women, minorities, or non-Americans. He treated everyone with dignity and respect and was a total professional.’

‘Subsequent to my time on the show, Mr.

Trump wrote me letters of recommendation and did everything in his power to help me advance my career,’ she added.


Trump is the Republican front-runner but perceptions that he’s not color-blind could hurt him in a general election

TRUMP-WHISPERER: Brian McDowell has remained close to The Donald since his ‘Apprentice’ days and was quick to suggest other alumni who have been quietly supportive of the campaign

BODY + BRAINS: Erin Elmore posed for a ‘Women of The Apprentice’ calendar shoot

Jackson, the Season 1 runner-up, castigated Trump on Friday with a very different message about the billionaire’s campaign for the White House. 

‘Trump has appealed to the lowest common denominator of fear, racism and divisiveness in our populace.

And this mix is never the path to American progress,’ he said. 

Pinkett said in a statement that Trump was running a ‘campaign of sexism, xenophobia, racism, violence and hate.’

Dowdell said that ‘it would be irresponsible for us not to condemn his hateful rhetoric given its real world implications particularly the racial resentment and accompanying violence that we have seen at his rallies.’ 

Trump shot back that his ungrateful former proteges are ‘failing wannabes.’

‘How quickly they forget,’ he said in a statement.

‘Nobody would know who they are if it weren’t for me.’ 

‘They just want to get back into the limelight like they had when they were with Trump. Total dishonesty and disloyalty,’ he said, warning that, ‘They should be careful or I’ll play hours of footage of them individually praising me.’

‘Apprentice’ Season 3 contestant Audrey Evans criticized Jackson, Pinkett and Dowdell for blindsiding Trump and the show’s other alumni. 

‘I’m offended that my colleagues are turning the tables and being the ‘bully’ to speak for us,’ she said.

‘They used “The Apprentice” to get on TV and gave their press conference without thinking how it would affect us as a group.

None of them showed diplomacy … None of them made an appointment or a phone call to discuss their disappointment with Trump. … Our fans and supporters cannot be placed in the same pigeon hole.’

Other contestants stressed that they are backing Trump for president despite a series of public gaffes stemming from his unfiltered speaking style.

‘He’s not perfect,’ Brian McDowell said.

‘I don’t agree with everything Donald Trump does, and I don’t agree with everything Donald Trump says, but he’s the best candidate we have.’

The Trump campaign connected McDowell with
He then began a networking effort to identify more pro-Trump alumni.

HE’S A RACIST:  ‘As someone who participated in the show that arguably paved the way for his presidential ascension, I feel it is my responsibility to speak out,’ said Tara Dowdell on Friday

TEAMWORK: Nicole D’Ambrosio said Trump ‘knows how important a strong powerful team is and I expect to see one of the best cabinets our country has ever seen’ if he wins the presidencey

DEFENDING THE DONALD: Kirchner said Trump wrote a check to a charity effort she coordinated that helped African-American women get business attire for job interviews

An unabashed Trump supporter who once helped find the candidate a charter aircraft so Donald Trump Jr.

could travel on short notice to give a campaign speech, McDowell said he was supporting Trump ‘for my kids and grandkids. … It’s not about me or Trump or 15 minutes of fame, it’s about the future generations.’

Nicole D’Ambrosio, a Season 2 contestant, said: ‘The Donald Trump I know loves this country and has strong opinions and views.

I would rather someone put up a fight for my country then sit back and continue to watch us go down the path we’ve been on – an enormous deficit that is continuing to rise, terrorists attacking the world with no remorse, and a healthcare system in shambles when we need it most.’

‘He knows how important a strong powerful team is and I expect to see one of the best cabinets our country has ever seen,’ she added.

‘I am honored to know Donald Trump, respect him and believe he will be the next President of the United States.’

Pinkett’s claim that Trump is a sexist also roiled several contestants who spoke with 

‘I don’t think Trump is a sexist at all,’ Ms.

Kirchner said. ‘I don’t think he harbors anything against women.’

‘Trump hires such strong women. He loves them.’

She insisted that although most of the female ‘Apprentice’ contestants have been beautiful, telegenic stunners, Trump’s ulterior motive was to turn the eye-candy into boardroom success stories.

‘He has actually taken these beautiful, classy, intelligent women ans shown that we can earn our own money.

That’s what he’s done,’ she said. ‘What the heck is wrong with that?’ 

The former contestants who spoke with all said they planned to support Trump in the November election if he becomes the Republican nominee.

‘I’ll vote for Trump, or no one ever again in the Republican party,’ Veltman said..’ If this party won’t nominate him, forget about it.

I’m done with the Republicans.’

‘I vote for the man, not for the party. He could run as a Democrat and I’d still vote for him. 

‘Yeah, his vocabulary is maybe not that great.
He says the right things in the wrong way. That’s his problem. But so what?’

Veltman, a naturalized U.S. citizen who emigrated from Russia 20 years ago, also said Trump doesn’t harbor any animus toward immigrants – except those who jump the line and come into America illegally.

‘Two out of three of his wives are immigrants.

I don’t understand. This is bulls**t.’

NOT SILENT: Elmore has gone on television to defend the billionaire against claims that he’s a racist, sexist bully

ON THE BRINK: Trump has weathered storm after storm and could clinch the Republican presidential nomination by June 7

‘I applied for a visa, for status.

I didn’t break the law. We got in legally. We waited our turn,’ he said of his own immigration journey.

‘You wait for five years, you get a green card, you apply for citizenship. That’s what you do.
I did it 20 years ago. You don’t like the system? Don’t come.’ 

The restaurateur and dining consultant was especially critical of Trump detractors who object to his plan to build a wall on the southern U.S.



Those guys – they don’t want a wall? Then take your doors off the hinges and keep it open. Why do you lock it?

Why? because you don’t want strangers to walk into your house!’

‘They keep their doors locked and they only open it for people they invited, people they know, or people they like. Why can’t the country do that?
Every country around the world has a border except ours.’

McDowell said: ‘I don’t like everything Donald trump says and I don’t like everything Donald Trump does. I surely didn’t like getting fired on “The Apprentice”.

I support Donald Trump because I compare him to the great presidents who built this country’s infrastructure, Roosevelt and Eisenhower. These presidents got things done, and so will Donald Trump.’

‘I don’t support this cause because of “The Apprentice.” I volunteered for a billionaire because I believe my kids and grand kids future depends on it.’

Kirchner said she supports the real estate tycoon ‘because he’s an honest man, and all the other people are dishonest politicians.

I really hope he gets it.’



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