Roof Cleaning by Roof Type

by in Business on October 24, 2021

Roofs are made of various materials and when cleaning them the instructions and cleaning answer will be totally different for every one.

Asphalt shingles

Regardless of where the home is located, asphalt shingles is a common roof material. The shingles are known for their sand-like and granular finish. It is the type of end that is designed to wear out slowly. As a result of layered, delicate nature of the shingles, it is vital that when cleaning them that you just do it gently so you do not destroy the layer of protection. Cleaning them too roughly will also lower the lifespan of your roof. If you’re utilizing a pressure washer, you must use a low pressure washing of no higher than thirty psi, which is equal to a backyard hose sprayer. You should not use a mixture of water trisodium phosphate (TSP), and bleach, despite the fact that it is discovered on the internet. There are a number of risks associated with this solution. The bleach will only kill the surface layer of algae and mold, which will regrow, it will poison any vegetation that is under the roof when it runs off, and it can corrode the metal fastenings.

Ceramic tiles

This type of roof may be very widespread in the subtropical and Southwest areas and on Spanish-type houses. This roofing material can stand higher-pressure washing. It does it without affected by wear or corrosion. One essential thing to note is that when using a pressure washer you do want to control intently the psi because in case you apply high pressure to the improper place on the roof it may crack the ceramic tile. If this happens, it might require replacing ceramic tiles in your roof. To assist prevent this, it is beneficial that you just use a soft wash. Ceramic tile roof cleaning must be executed utilizing a specialized formula that is designed to attack algae, mold, and fungi development alongside with lifting stains.

Clay tiles

These tiles look much like ceramic tiles and are well-liked in Southern and Southwest states, particularly California. They’re made utilizing a way that combines sand and clay to make the tiles. This type of roof is superb insulators. They help to reduce the homeowners cooling costs. The completely different between the ceramic and clay tiles is that the production methods make the clay tiles more porous. This makes them topic to wear even utilizing low-pressure washing. You must clean them using a garden sprayer. A clay roof that is properly maintained should have a protective sealant to inhibit the grown of many organisms. You will still need to do roof cleaning using just water that’s combined with dish detergent or plain water. If you favor there are specific cleaners that you should use in your clay tiles.

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