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Exposure of the red-skinned quartz Sinsins will be selected in the 4th team.

According to informed people, there are currently 4 teams in the event that there is a four-point guardian Kirk Cousins, which is about to be free players, they are Denver Wild Horse, Arizona, Red, wholesale jerseys New York Jet. And Minnesota Viking people.

Informed people said that these teams plan to chase Cousins ​​in private priorities, how to build contracts for him and how to sign him. Most teams are considering a short-term contract that may be only three years, and the contract will include high security income.

Cosssins constructed a flexible attitude on the contract because he has earned a lot of money from the privileged label contract in the past two seasons.

29-year-old Corses has become one of the best four-point guards in Washington, the union of Washington Hongki, since 3 years ago. In that time, his password number ranked fourth, quadruple branch rankings Ranking League 6th, Daxie Passing the Ball number ranking League 8th.

Last season, Cossins broke through 4000 yards for the third consecutive season. He passed the 4093 yard, and the ball was copied by 27 times.

The red skin deals in January to get a four-point guardian Alex Smith and renewed for 4 years.

John Elway, General Manager of Wild Hema, which was previously said that the team had a certain salary space to withstand any contract and considered any quarterition in the free player market. There are also the right to selection of the fifth time in the wild horses.

The wild honey has a set of outstanding lineups, cheap jerseys from china their mushroom offensive last season is ranked 12th, and the nobles of the defensive group are the third less.

There is currently no four-point guard in the Red Range in the new season, and they don’t have a lot of salary spaces (about $ 23 million).

Jet Todder Todde – Powles, that the team has already developed a strategy, they will satisfy any options. They currently have more than $ 90 million in salary space and the sixth selection of selection, but quadruple health is not the only position that needs to be reinforced. They also need to make up the running guard, close to the front and offensive front lines, and their defensive groups last season have the eighth union alliance.

All three quarters of all three quarters in the Weijing people in the National Union Championship last season will become free players.

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