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We also get a reference to Alice in Wonderland’s sequel, Through the Looking-Glass, in the next shot as Neo appears in a mirror and sees what appears to be an older model of himself. Perhaps that’s his future self or true self or someone entirely different? A little bit later in the trailer we see a woman played by Jessica Henwick sporting a rabbit tattoo on her shoulder. A character named Dujour also had a rabbit tattoo in the unique movie. From visionary filmmaker Lana Wachowski comes The Matrix 4 full movie Matrix Resurrections, the fourth film within the groundbreaking franchise that redefined a style. The new film reunites unique stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in the iconic roles they made well-known, Neo and Trinity.
This time the therapist talks about going back to where it all started for Neo, back to the Matrix, which is where the trailer successfully ends. The Matrix Resurrections shows Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are returning to reprise their roles as Neo and Trinity. The trailer begins with Neo talking to a therapist concerning the “dreams” he was having, which felt like they had been extra than just goals. He was beginning to suppose that he was going loopy due to the odd occurrences, like birds flying in a concentric sample.
Jim Carrey is Craig’s top acting decide and favourite topics embody superheroes, anime and the unrecognized genius of the High School Musical trilogy. TurningThe Matrix right into a movie inside a movie would inevitably show divisive. For some, it’d mean the complete original trilogy never really occurred. Another perspective, nonetheless, is thatThe Matrix Resurrections’ meta approach couldpreserve the sanctity of earlier movies.
She lately advised Entertainment Weekly that she spent a lot of time reconnecting with herself after her transition and the demise of her mother and father. “There was one thing about the thought of going backward and being part of one thing that I had carried out before that was expressly unappealing,” she said. While the notion of doing one other Matrix didn’t suit Lilly, other key players in the franchise had no downside plugging back in again. We also get a fast shot of the guide Alice in Wonderland, a film closely referenced in the first film. In that film, Morpheus offers to take Neo “down the rabbit hole,” just as Alice began her adventure right into a topsy turvy world. In the Resurrection trailer, the track “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane chronicles Alice’s selection between two tablets early in her journey—one that may make her big and one other that would make her small—a nod to Neo’s personal choice between two pills.
The notion of a reboot or remake was denounced by Penn, and ideas for tales set in the already established universe had been explored, including, reportedly, a prequel movie a few younger Morpheus or a sequel film from a descendant of his. In March 2018, Penn stated he was working on a revival of the franchise and teased the potential for an expanded universe. Penn clarified in October 2019 that he had been engaged on considered one of two Matrix projects at Warner Bros., and that his work was separate from the planned film. Its trailer was an action-packed journey and is presently the talk of the town. In the primary Matrix, Neo discovers that what he perceives as the real world is definitely the Matrix, a space controlled by sentient machines to subdue humans. He breaks out of the Matrix and discovers that he’s “the One,” a prophesied highly effective figure.
Which sounds to many very very similar to a parallel to the truth seen in The Matrix, and plainly the official Twitter account of The Matrix Resurrections feels the identical way as they immediately jumped on the information. We’ll find out for sure when the movie comes out on December 22, 2021. In the meantime, we will catch a glimpse of the Ducati in a brief few seconds of the trailer. According to Inside Hook, Glory Motor Works shop supplied the movie crew with the bikes wanted for the photographs. The proprietor, Justin Kell, performs a huge half in providing movie units with the motorcycle props they require. The trailer ends a lot the identical as it begins, with Neo speaking to a different therapist, played by Jonathan Groff.
They could also be just a image of Neo attempting to flee his miserable actuality or these might literally be the pills that maintain him from remembering what happened when he left the Matrix, whether or not he is conscious of that’s what they’re doing or not. As the trailer goes on, we see Neo throwing his blue pills away, which we all know from the earlier films, as the drugs that make one consider what they see round them is their reality. Now that he’s not on those pills, he’s not underneath the affect he as soon as was. According to Collider, when he meets up with what seems to be a younger model of Morpheus, he is given the purple tablet.
Laurence Fishburne has insisted over and over again that he was not invited back to look within the fourth Matrix installment, but that hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing that he’ll make a surprise look. We do know from the second film, Matrix Reloaded, that Neo was not distinctive. He was, in reality, a part of the Matrix’s program and the sixth anomaly within the Matrix.

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