The Secret Experts Use On Their Weight Loss Clients & How You Can Use It To Lose Weight By Yourself

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Experts responsible for getting groups or clients to lose weight employ a very simple but effective strategy that yields unbelievable results.

You too can achieve your weight loss goal if you employ this same strategy I'm about to share with you.

It doesn't matter what program you apply this to, just make sure it is a program that is in line with your weight loss protocol. In other words, if you do not believe in taking “magic pills” to accomplish your goal, don't follow a program that calls for buying their pill to make it work.

The Expert Strategy You Can Employ With Your Weight Loss Program TODAY

The military is an organization that NEEDS to fulfill goals, whether it is reporting back with intelligence or getting troops in shape for combat.

What do they depend on to ensure goals get accomplished (and by the way, it has worked since day 1 and will continue to work until the end of time)?

It's called INSPECTION (also known as accountability). How does this apply to your weight loss success?

Watch and see.

Failure Rate Increases Without The Strategy In Place

Week one you are incredibly motivated to do the things your program tells you to do, so you do them.

The next week you still do what your program instructs you to do.

But, as life goes on there are other things that seem to occupy your mind more than your weight loss “duties.” Maybe friends from out of town roll in and insist that they treat you to an all you can eat buffet so you can relive life like the good old days.

If you're not going to have an “inspection” soon, how likely are you to “fall off the wagon” (HARD) while your friends are in town, or any other time where it seems “justified” to ditch your new healthy lifestyle?

I'll answer that with without hesitation…VERY likely.

Now, inspections may come in it's traditional form where someone checks up on you to see if you upheld your responsibilities, or it may come in the form where you report back to someone noting what you did.

This attention (given to you) is the very reason why military personnel perform their duties, why employees perform their duties, and why kids thrive in an environment when they know someone is watching, providing feedback.

Profit From A Company's Revelation

A company was struggling with unmotivated workers so they decided to invest in an experiment.

They infused different stimuli in the workplace to see if they could get more production from their workers. Believing in an open workplace, they notified the employees that experiments would be conducted over the next few weeks and results documented.

They experimented with playing different types of music, having daily performance reviews, adjusting temperature settings, offering small frequent breaks, offering pick your own break times, and lots of other provocations.

They were stunned with their findings.

All the experiments improved production. That's right, ALL. So, what was the secret to getting their workers to produce more? It was simply that employees were given ATTENTION!

The Really Cheap Or Free Solution For You

The power of paying attention to your efforts will make all the difference if you've been struggling to lose weight.

But, window replacement colorado what if you can't afford to hire someone to give you the attention, i.e.

a personal trainer, or find someone supportive to check up on you or to report to? Are you out of luck? NO, but only IF you promise to do this simple daily exercise.

Find a calendar, planner, or just a simple notebook (or buy one if you can't find one). Now, since you know what you have to do everyday to execute your weight loss plan, all you do is log down if you did OR did not do it.

It is VERY important to log down even if you did not do anything.

Provide the reason why you did not do it and any feedback you feel is appropriate to revealing “hidden” sabotages. Examples could include eating when you feel lonely, when you're emotionally charged, when you're bored, not exercising because you are tired from work, etc.

As you look over your log/diary, you will notice revealing things about yourself and your habits.

You will get to see yourself from a third person's point of view, and “see” all the reasons why you have been struggling to lose weight all these years.

Now that you know why you've been having a hard time exercising, for example, make adjustments to your weight loss plan. Try working out in the AM if it seems like the PM is too hard.

Prepare all your meals one time if it's too difficult to prepare your meal as you go. There are many tweaks you can make to make it work. Even the fittest people in the world don't feel like working out a lot of times so you're not much different than fit people.

It's just that they've found a way to make it work.


Professionals pay attention to their client's progress and struggles and make adjustments along the way. “Amateurs” think things supposed to go smoothly, be easy, and just happen. The difference in results is night and day.

Give yourself the attention you deserve.

Inspect yourself often, if not, daily. Don't wait for someone to come and “rescue” you. That is a victim mentality and it renders you powerless. Plaster this in your mind and make it your motto:

“If I choose to do nothing today, I have chosen to weigh heavier tomorrow” (paraphrase of Zig Ziglar).

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