Tried and True

by in wholesale mlb jersey on December 16, 2021

I own 7 of these in various colors and wear them daily for everything, including running & soccer. For 30ish bucks, they’re a staple. The best aspect is the material – on long, sweaty runs, they’re silky soft and don’t chafe the nips (serious problem w/some fabrics). They dry quickly but definitely don’t “wick sweat” – I don’t even think that’s possible if you’re really sweating besides a marketing ploy – but over countless washes, they hold up great. I have a few $50+ “workout” shirts that I now wear exclusively for working out, but as athleisure wear, bc they don’t hold up to sweat like these do. Love the fun, bright colors too.

I like these shirts quite a bit. Great for working out or for cheap Atalanta B.C. jerseys just casual wear. Very similar to the Nike Dry fit t-shirts. I like these better because they have Raglan sleeves. The nike shirts have the normal stitching, where the sleeves are stitched under the armpit to the shoulder. The under armour shirts have raglan sleeves, where the stitching runs under the armpit to the collarbone. To me, the raglan sleeve is much more pleasing to the eye and complements the body better.

These are a popular choice for the gym that I always buy when it’s time to replace old workout clothing. I like the looser fit so that it’s not restrictive during strength training and is long enough to keep my belly (emphasis on belly) button covered in most situations. The fabric is thin but it always does an excellent job at wicking moisture. From an aesthetic standpoint, I like the fact that the design is really basic, which I think contributes to how well they fit most people.